If your drug has a positive effect on hERG channel, does it have a QT risk? The follow-up studies to the heart models in vitro can provide greater depth of understanding or additional knowledge regarding the potential of test substance for delayed ventricular repolarization and QT interval prolongation in humans. BioMaxLab offers a heart model in vitro QT service to characterize a drug's potential to affect ventricular repolarization and contractility. Early testing for multiple effects on key cardiac ion channels fully resolves discordances and prevents advancement of cardiotoxic drug candidates. Using isolated rat or rabbit hearts, BioMaxLab offers Langendorff perfused heart ECG and contractility assessment so that drugs can be tested on isolated animal hearts. We can identify effects of your compounds on the ECG (QT interval, QRS), heart contractility (LVDP, dP/dt) and coronary flow. Three hearts will be used per concentration. Final reports of the in vitro QT service include drug effects on the study parameters including a summary of the results, description of methods used, statement of quality standard, and any amendments or deviations included as an appendix
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