BioMaxLab offers Cancer Cell Line Screening of over 150 Cancer Cell Lines Table. Cell lines are of human origin and are well characterized. You can also select cancer cells from our cancer cell-58 panel (CCP-58) that is similar to those included in the NCI-60 Panel of cancer cell lines or clients are welcome to design a special panel of cells that is most relevant to their specific research need. We will assist you with the selection of cell lines by tissue of origin or for the presence of specific gene mutations responsible for cancer induction or responsible for drug resistance.

CCP-58 panel

The CCP-58 panel is a set of 58 representative human cancer cell lines derived from diverse tissues; brain, blood and bone marrow, breast, colon, kidney, lung, ovary, prostate and skin. Researchers across the world have employed these cell lines to characterize drug effectiveness.


BioMaxLab has adopted a very flexible, screening approach with multiple end point parameters available including proliferation or other assays (e.g. ion channels) in the medium conditions of interest.

  • 96-well screening plate format
  • 3 to 4 weeks data turnaround time
  • Choice of proliferation assay method (Alamar blue, CyQuant, XTT, MTS)
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