Primary cells are cells obtained directly from the tissue with no passages. Primary cell lines represent the best experimental models for in vivo situations. Primary cells have the same karyotype as the parent tissue normal or abnormal. And primary cells express characteristics which are not seen in cultured cells.
Select cells below to find complete primary cell lines for each of the specified cell types. You will find the cells, basal media, growth kits and reagents to assure optimal performance from specification sheets.
  • 3T3-L1 Cells
  • C127 Cells
  • C2C12 Cells
  • CHO-K1 Cells
  • HBSM Cells
  • HPASM Cells
  • Human IPAH-SM Cells
  • IEC-6 Cells
  • MDCKII Cells
  • NIH-3T3 Cells
  • RPASM Cells
  • SCBN Cells
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