The ability to develop immortalized cells in vitro is a powerful tool for the biological investigator. Most cells can only be reproduced unchanged for a limited number of cell generations before the initial cell lines die. The immortalization of cells establishes continuous cell lines, playing an important role in the study of the biology of cell growth, differentiation, and senescence. It also increases our understanding of aberrations in proliferative and positional control in malignant cells.
Select cells below to find complete cell lines for each of the specified cell types. You will find the cells, basal media, growth kits and reagents to assure optimal performance from specification sheets.
  • BEAS-2B Cells
  • COS-1 Cells
  • COS-7 Cells
  • HaCaT Cells
  • HEK-293 Cells
  • HEK-293T Cells
  • IMCC3 Cells
  • NE-1 Cells
  • Pancreatic Beta Cells
  • Pancreatic Ductal Epithelial Cells (HPDEC)
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