BioMaxLab provides a variety of cell lines: cancer, immortalized, primary, and stable cell lines for research studies. These cell lines can be used to improve our understanding of diseases. We only carry quality and identified cell lines and they are validated.
For decades, cancer cell cultures grown in Petri dishes have been the foundation of cancer biology and the quest for drug treatments. We carry the following cell lines categorized by organ

The ability to develop immortalized cells in vitro is a powerful tool for the biological investigator. Most cells can only be reproduced unchanged for a limited number of cell generations before the initial cell lines die. The immortalization of cells establishes

Primary cells are cells obtained directly from the tissue with no passages. Primary cell lines represent the best experimental models for in vivo situations. Primary cells have the same karyotype as the parent tissue normal or abnormal. And primary cells

Stable cell line is the best solution, not only to manufacture therapeutic and diagnostic proteins, but also for application in drug screenings, as well as pharmacological and

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